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We’ve been creating better futures for children and young people living with epilepsy for more than 120 years. Help us break down the obstacles for the more than 1 million affected, once and for all.

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Over the next three years, we're on a mission to improve over one million lives all changed by epilepsy in one single moment. Here's how:

Ensure everyone understands the true impact of epilepsy on young people today; and how it can change anyone’s life in a single moment.

Give young people the confidence and means to share their personal experience of epilepsy; its impact on their everyday lives and future prospects, as well as those around them

Change public policy and practice, finally giving young people with epilepsy the life-changing support they need (wherever they are and whatever they’re doing)

About Young Epilepsy

Young Epilepsy is a national charity that offers support and guidance to young people and their families affected by epilepsy.

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With over 120 years’ experience, we are now a leading provider of specialist assessment, diagnosis, rehabilitation and education services from our campus in Lingfield, Surrey.

As a national charity, we also offer support and guidance for parents, children and young people – through our website, helpline, 1:1 advice and group outreach work – as well as training for health and education professionals.

We campaign across the UK to raise awareness of the true impact of epilepsy on young people today, as well as to ensure access to better quality health and education services for those individuals and families affected.

We also operate an internationally renowned research programme with Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and UCL.

We have one mission – to create better futures for children and young people living with epilepsy – but can only achieve this when individuals like you get involved to help us raise the critical funds we need.

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Do something simple, creative or down right crazy to help us raise the vital funds needed to change the lives of young people living with epilepsy.

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